Installation Videos

How-To Install J-9 Sprinkler Extensions
for Rain Bird® Pop-up Sprinklers

60 Second Install Video on How to Raise Your Pop-Up Sprinkler

Sprinkler Parts – Rain Bird® Pop-up Sprinkler with J-9 Sprinkler Extensions

Sprinkler Assembly – How to easily add J-9 Sprinkler Extensions

How-to Raise a sunken Rain Bird® Sprinkler with No Digging!

SUPER EASY! How-to install J-9 Sprinkler Extensions for Rain Bird® Pop-Ups

WAIT! J9 Extensions work for Sunken Nelson pop up sprinkler conversions too!

Step-By-Step Illustrations

Our Promise Is…

Saves water, time and money. Get the results you need for the brown patches in your lawn by raising the sprinkler to a taller height in just a matter of minutes.
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