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J-9 Products of Western Colorado, LLC

J-9 Products of Western Colorado, LLC is owned by Scott and Janine Mullin, who live in Grand Junction, CO.  J-9 Sprinkler Extensions were invented by Scott, who wanted an EASY way to raise sunken sprinklers in his own lawn.  If you've ever tried to dig in Western Colorado, you'll know why!


J-9 Products is currently offering just this one product, J-9 Sprinkler Extensions, developed to be compatible with Rain Bird® pop-up sprinklers.   Designed as a DIY pop up sprinkler repair kit, J-9 Sprinkler Extensions contain a coupling and a riser.  They come in 3 sizes, which can be combined to raise your sprinkler to the exact height you want, and are patent pending.


Save time, money, and water!  Installation is usually complete in 5 minutes or so.  Durable materials, along with high-quality design and manufacturing, ensure that there are no leaks.


Scott and Janine Mullin - owners of J-9 Products, LLC


In the development stage are sprinkler extensions compatible with Hunter® pop-up sprinklers.  Notify me   when Hunter Sprinklers are available.


Several other ideas are on the drawing board.


J-9 Products' long term goal is to continually develop quality WOW Factor DIY items that solve the simple problems.


Please contact J-9 Products for more info about wholesale pricing, new products, or to pre-order sprinkler extensions for Hunter® systems.


J9 Sprinkler Extensions available at Western ImplementJ-9 Sprinkler Extensions - No Digging Needed!

J-9 Sprinkler Extensions - buy direct from the inventor!Buy direct from inventor and manufacturer

J-9 Products of Western Colorado, LLC

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